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Vinayak College of Health Science

Nani Kazi Deshar Principal

Vinayak College fosters a learning-centered, research-oriented educational environment that encourages individuals to make positive lifelong contributions to national and global health. We prepare professional degree students to provide compassionate patient care and inspire our students through innovative problem-based learning, rich experiential curricula, and inter-professional collaboration. We foster a community of scholars who will further be the body of knowledge.

Moreover, one can enjoy the heterogeneity in Vinayak, which includes students from different backgrounds, abilities, races, religions,s and national origins. It helps them to understand each other's community, and culture and makes them cooperative, helpful, and responsible professionals in the future. Various extra-curricular activities and excursions, on the other hand, provide breaks to the monopoly.

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    Second Term Exam 2080/02/01

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    एक बिषय मौका परिक्षा

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    First Internal Exam for 2nd and 3rd

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Courses We Offer


PCL Nursing

There is no doubt that Nursing is the career subject of choice in Nepal for most of the SLC graduate ladies. Nursing education, for the overall development of the country directly or indirectly plays a vital role. The growing demand of nursing personnel at the national and international levels is also another reason to choose Nursing. There is no doubt that Nursing is the career subject of choice in Nepal for most of the SLC graduate ladies. Nursing education, for the overall development of the country directly or indirectly plays a vital role. The growing demand of nursing personnel at the national and international levels is also another reason to choose Nursing.

PCL General Medicine

Mid-level health care providers are the backbone of the government healthcare delivery system. Indeed Health Assistants are junior and all-round physicians. They serve as Medical, Surgical, Gynecological, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and many more healthcare consultants. They are also the foundation for public health programs. This course is designed especially for the fulfillment of lower-level physician in the context of Nepal.

PCL Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory Technology is especially concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention through the use of pathological tests. As vital members of the health care team, Lab Technicians play a critical role in collecting the information needed to provide the best care to patients. It is nearly impossible to practice a modern medicine system without a laboratory.

Diploma in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the backbone of modern therapeutics. The study of pharmacy is mainly concerned with the medicines and their applications for human drug therapy. The program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society ensuring that patients optimize medication usage. Initial courses on basic science will lead to professional specialties in later years. Practical and clinical science studies begin in first year, providing students with a strong background in professional practice. Diploma in Pharmacy is the basic course in Nepal to start your career in pharmacy.

Diploma In Physiotherapy

The study of physical therapy or exercise (use of physical agents such as exercise, massage, light, heat, electricity, ultraviolet rays, etc.) is known as physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is an emerging field in the health service sector. Many people in developing countries have been giving emphasis on Physiotherapy in the treatment and rehabilitation of various health conditions. Physiotherapy is also known as Physical therapy (PT). It is one of the medical professions provided by physical therapists who promote, maintain, or restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention, and health promotion. Physical therapists are known as physiotherapists in many countries.


General Knowledge GK

Dear Students, Here are some general knowledge questions for you all. Please participate and check your ability. Thank You.


1 / 22

1) Having ............ about the problem we decided to escape it.

2 / 22

2) We are going to organize..... one-day cricket match in our municipality.

3 / 22

3) There are some crows ............. the filed.

4 / 22

4) Don't be silly,....................?

5 / 22

5) We must discuss ...the matter really well?

6 / 22

6) She is popular singer Everyone says she is ..................

7 / 22

7) There are ......... houses in my village than in your village.

8 / 22

8) My uncle hardly speak to me ........?

9 / 22

9) Today it is Saturday, yesterday it..............Friday.

10 / 22

10) My brother.......... home from Australia a few days ago.

11 / 22

11) The space is ..... widely.

12 / 22

12) Who is junior.................. you in your offices.

13 / 22

13) Don't compel me. I don't have .......... issue to discuss.

14 / 22

14) They got the meal ready ........... 1:30.

15 / 22

15) It's very hot. I want to ................ my jacket.

16 / 22

16) Can you tell me.....?

17 / 22

17) If she ............time, she would have visited you.

18 / 22

18) I have never met ........ helpful person like you.

19 / 22

19) Which of the following words is correctly spelled?

20 / 22

20) I will marry  ........... Japanese.

21 / 22

21) Neither Kapil nor his friends ........ been asked any questions so far.

22 / 22

22) What a happy ending................ .

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We Provide Best


  • Library Facility

    Students will have access to high quality library with in the college. They may borrow or read books while abiding by library...

  • Hostel Facility

    Hostel facilities are available to the outstation students of the Day College. The hostel is named Vinayak Hostel. The hostel accommodates around...

  • Transportation

    We provide transportation service to our students while being to hospitals, communities, pathological laboratories, and other field visits. But we are unable...

  • Student Welfare

    We are committed to helping our students with their work placement, job counseling, career guidance, and further study. Furthermore, we also make...

  • Uniform

    Students are required to compulsorily attend the college in the proper uniform prescribed by the CTEVT and the college Management.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

    Various sports activities are provided to encourage the students to develop their mental, physical, and communication skills. Besides sports, other extracurricular activities...

Our Motto

  • Skill
  • Attitude
  • Humanity
  • Discipline
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Responsibility

Special Features

Some Special Features:

  • The college has its own hospital named – Vinayak Hospital & Maternity Home
  • Professional teachers experienced in both Health practice and education
  • Centrally located and Sound learning environment
  • Well equipped Library, science lab, computer lab, and student learning centers of the concerned subject for its practice
  • Problem-based learning method
  • Close monitoring from qualified and experienced tutors and supervisors during practical learning
  • Well furnished Classroom, cafeteria, and Hostel
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